Welcome in the world of TubePlot

TubePlot is an application for smartphones located at the crossroads of art, science and new media technologies. The goal is to explore the impact of social media on the current forms of sociability. To this end we designed an application for smartphones called TubePlot, particularly aimed at Facebook users.

The app that uses probability calculations to design the life of Facebook users


The application relies on the idea of generating short audiovisual fictions whose aesthetics and logics are regulated by algorithms that exploit the design and all actions and connections woven by users on social networks platforms. TubePlot uses personal data to generate short fictions, called LoveLife-clips.


The core of the application is based on a profiling system. The goal of the profiling system is to infer a number of typical features of Facebook users and their friends’ network, starting from a semantic and statistical analysis carried out on tastes, preferences, desires and moods. The inferred data determine a raw canvas on which little scenarios are built by a plot generator.