What is TubePlot

TubePlot is an application for smartphones located at the crossroads of art, science and new media technologies. The goal is to explore the impact of social media on the current forms of sociability. To this end we designed an application for smartphones called TubePlot, particularly aimed at Facebook users. TubePlot offers visitors customized short fictions called lovelife clips, featuring in real-time, the digital lives of Facebook-users. To this end the application uses personal data available via the Graph API.

The fictions generated by the application are similar to stories released by users on their Facebook accounts. However, there is one crucial difference: the narratives produced by TubePlot are based on intrigues assembled on the basis of statistical and semantic analysis of personal data, using thereby the method of probability calculation. As such, the application puts emphasis on the phenomenon of quantification and classification of human behavior on social platforms.

How TubePlot works

The core of the application is based on a profiling system. The goal of this profiling system is to infer a number of typical features of Facebook-users and of their best friends, starting from a semantic and statistical analysis carried out on tastes, preferences, desires and moods. The inferred data draw a raw canvas on which little scenarios are built by a data-driven plot-generator. TubePlot generates video sequences of film archives from the public domain. These videos are based on different character-definitions that are produced by the plot-generator.

How to use TubePlot

  • Download and install the application. First time registration and request for permissions. Swipe through the welcome screens. Choose your gender and add your portrait to create your avatar-icon that will act as coach through the TubePlot profiling and plot-engine system.
  • TubePlot analyses your Facebook data to create a casting profile and define your fictional character.
  • TubePlot is now writing your story. Video fragments are shown. The script is a compilation of a series of storylines drawn from the basic information of the Facebook user data. The scripts define episodes visualized as video clips in an order related to the plot-engine system.
  • Complete your script by inviting your friends to write the next episode of your story.
  • Next episode coming soon.